BCR specializes in both residential and commercial "green" remodeling improvements, complete deck builds and restores, general home carpentry/handyman repair and light demolition.  Our primary goal is to meet all of our client's construction needs and dreams through quality craftsmanship, sustainability and "green" building ideals.



                       Troutdale Pines

                       Troutdale Pines


From full home interior remodeling to the small project or add-on that you have been dreaming about, BCR has the experience and craftsmanship that can bring your vision to a livable space. 

                    7801 Home Furnishings

                    7801 Home Furnishings


We have extensive experience in complete remodels for commercial retail space and restaurants. Let us help you make your unused space a functional design to maximize production for your business. 

                       Special Projects

                       Special Projects

Custom Design

Do you have a special project that requires custom design? We would love to help you design and build any project from decks to room additions and as always we have all of your custom remodeling needs covered.

Green Remodeling Info


Green remodeling can improve the quality of your life. It might sound absurd to a certain extent, but when you go green, you’re voiding your home of toxic paints, sealants, and other building materials that can trigger allergic reactions and other health concerns. Green remodeling can also make great improvements to your general conscience, as you will mindfully be making a decision that will positively impact the environment.




A complete interior home remodel to bring this golfing walk-out up to date.


Remodeled in pieces over time and budget, this beautiful 4300 ft² condo was brought back to life by completely remodeling all levels and rooms to allow much more light into the space and a very clean finished look. All bathrooms re-tiled with new fixtures, full kitchen remodel, basement bar area re-built and new hardwood flooring in main level family room. 



Outdoor Living Space Restored

A family's' outdoor living space restored back to structural safety so their children can play safely and adults can entertain once again.


Elevated Living Real Estate Expands...


Berkshire-Hathaway needed to expand their offices to accommodate for future growth in a booming Evergreen real estate market. Taking an existing storage area/small bathroom, the space was remodeled into a completely closed off space that can house up to four more desks for new employess.



A local restaurant's unusable space, remodeled into a "green" retail design showroom. 


Green improvements within the retail space including new ceiling insulation and hvac revamp. All lighting rewired to new energy efficiency standards and all fixtures running LED light bulbs. Scuffed and painted concrete floors and new base trim complete the clean look the owner requested to design off of.



Childhood Memories Restored


When a force 4 hurricane ripped through the gulf shore it left our childhood vacation spot under a foot of sand and soaked through to the cement floor after flying debris broke through the storm doors and left the condo open to the elements throughout the storm. With great pleasure and after months of hard work and some very INCREDIBLE people, our childhood dream vacation condo was completely restored and remodeled for the future of our families and friends to enjoy for years to come.

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