Go "Green"

The future of building is "green" and at Brown Contracting & Remodel LLC we strive to offer as many environmentally conscious and sustainable solutions for all of our customers. Green building (also known as green construction or sustainable building) refers to both structure and the using of processes that are environmentally responsible and resource-efficient throughout a building's life-cycle; from siting to design, construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and demolition.

passive solar design diagram.jpg

Feature 1

Passive solar design captures the sun’s energy to keep interiors toasty and save you energy costs. Concrete floors and thick interior walls made of concrete, brick, or plaster soak up heat during the day and release it at night when sunlight goes away or your cozy fire goes out. That helps stabilize temp fluctuations and makes a room — or house — more comfortable. If your remodel plans don’t include passive solar design, you can always beef up your insulation.

Credit: Greg Madeen — Architect

Feature 2

Chips of recycled glass cast into a concrete slab make up terrazzo, a green countertop choice known for its durability and nearly limitless color options. Recycled components make up the bulk of the material — the glass chips usually come from post-consumer sources, such as bottles and windshields, which make terrazzo a greener choice than granite, but not cheaper. You can expect to pay about $57-$68 per square foot. On the upside, it’s easy to clean, and so tough that you can put a hot pot directly on it.

Credit: Whiting Design


Feature 3

Wood-burning fireplaces are romantic, but they’re messy, inefficient, and produce pollutants that irritate lungs. A more eco-friendly choice: a direct-vent gas fireplace. Direct-vent fireplaces ($2,000 to $5,000) use outside air for combustion and convert up to 80% of the fuel they burn into usable heat (wood-burners convert only about 10% of their fuel). Direct-vent fireplaces don’t require a chimney, either — they can be vented horizontally or vertically.

Credit: Spark Modern Fires